Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I Don't Know Anyone but You

Watching WGM has been my weekly routine for the past months. Every Monday, I would search for the newest episode of Sungjae and Joy. And if I have test the next day or busy the whole week, I would spare a day where I don’t have much work just to watch them. I don’t know why but I really enjoy watching them. Being playful and childish with each other, everything about them, I will definitely miss. It’s already ending, this is the last episode, I never thought I would actually cry just watching them. Joy cried very hard; it gets me very emotional as well. Ah how I wish they would actually date outside. Joy is about the same age as me, so what we’re thinking are almost the same. She really likes Sungjae, she must be thinking why can’t she just date the boy she likes? Why is it hard? Why it has to be like this? Why can’t we be the same anymore? But then, it was just a show, no matter how sincere they are, it’s just their work. At the end, everyone will be back to their own life, and everything will just become a mere memory.

My ideal type is definitely Yook Sungjae. Someone who’s playful, and doesn’t express himself much. He will always be sincere and caring. Someone who treats me like a child.