Saturday, April 30, 2016

Why Do I Keep Staying

"Big Boss. He's smart, funny... and mysterious. But... he has a lot of secrets. He'll disappear from time to time. He'll be hard to contact. And then, one day... He'll never come back."

I don't know why but this is so awkward. I’m used to being left, out of sudden. So when you just talk about random things, it felt weird. I still tried, pretending that it was normal. But why did I do that? Why did I even try? I should’ve just go away. Because that’s what you did. Came as you pleased and then leaving when you felt like it. Tbh, I really wanted to tell you how awkward you’re making me feel right now. How things are not the same. And you have no idea how many things I want to scold you for. Why am I holding this? Why can’t I just let it out like I used to? Because it’s not the same anymore. It’s just not. Fix this for me. Please.