Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sometimes, I Think of You.

He bits the back of his pencil.

He puts his pencil between his ear.

He bits his nails.

He curls his hair by using his finger.

He blows his hair.

He writes poem, by using my name, once.

He writes on the board, his handwriting is round and big.

My memories are getting bad. Maybe I really stop thinking.

His laugh, his smile, how he walks, which foot he put in first when wearing shoes, his gaze, his breathing sound, which hand he raise when asking a question, his angry face; I don’t remember, or maybe I never knew. For today, it ends here.
"The sky is spinning. I must be crazy. I kept thinking of you" - Lee Suyeon

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I Wondered,

If you have been given a choice, an ugly victory or a beautiful defeat, which one would you choose? As for me, truthfully, I don’t know. Am I thoughtful enough to choose others before myself? Am I selfish enough to choose myself before others? I don’t know.
“Not succeeding by yourself, but failing together.
As you keep on living, 
Don’t you learn more about failure than you do about success?”


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Honestly, I'm afraid

Everyone has gone through it, or is enduring it right now. Either a little or a lot, it still hurts. Either mentally or physically, it still hurts. Either for just a short moment or long-lasting, it still hurts. That’s just how pain works, and that’s how we lived; through the pain. Because those who haven’t suffer won’t value the happiness. That’s just how people are, we need to fail to know the value of winning, we need to fall to know the value of success, we need to cry to know the value of a smile, and we need to lose someone to know how valuable they are. Because people takes things for granted, because they were never in pain. So once a while, it’s okay to be in pain, it’s okay to suffer, because that’s how we became stronger.

“When you’re a long-term patient at a hospital,
you realize that there are so many people in this world who are in pain.
Everyone is in pain, either a lot or a little, in their own way.
So, don’t cry. Everyone lives on through enduring their own burdens.”
 -  Kim Young Ho