Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Close your eyes, and just listen

One of the type of people I hate the most is the one that thought they are so good that everything they do and think are right, judging based on what they see, and concluding their thought as the fact. This type of people, I hate. They don’t listen, they don’t understand, yet they judge. As if the world is circling around them, as if they are always right, as if other people don’t deserve to be heard. Tbh, there are times when I wish to hold a baseball bat or a golf club and just smash everything around me, but I’ll make sure to swing those to these people first. Because of them, rumours existed, slowly killing others. That is why rumours are more frightening than murder. Please, just please; stop judging when you know nothing. Don’t make a fool of yourself. Just stop talking and start listening, for once. Because not everything you believe is the truth.