Friday, August 14, 2015

It hurts, a lot

Why do I keep thinking that people are slowly leaving me? Or maybe they’re really leaving me. It was like, slowly, they are moving away from me. Why am I so insecure about myself? Maybe it’s just me; am I too paranoid? Am I the one making people stepping away from me? Well, maybe that is it. I mean, I am way too clingy. And I took things for granted, like when people needed me, I wasn’t even there, wait, is there even anybody who needs me? Arghhh I need to get rid of this kind of mindset. Just live your life the happiest, just stop thinking too much, why can’t I do that? Why is it so hard for me? Let’s take a breath, let’s survive. I should be thankful of people around me; instead of chasing the ones who leave. Let’s change, let’s be better.

"People do not die from suicide; they die from sadness." - Anonymous 

And no, I’m not thinking of killing myself.