Friday, July 3, 2015

Because I'm Thankful

Yah! Gong Taegwang! How can you become soooooo attractive? >.< I didn’t expect School 2015 to end this fast tbh, I was enjoying watching it. How can Eunbi chose Han Ian over Gong Taegwang?! I mean, I would choose Taegwang for sure, and Han Ian looks a lot better with Eunbyeol; since they’ve been best friends for 10 years.

That’s it! This is the exact drama for me; that gave all the answers I need. Being best friend for 10 years doesn’t mean everything. Sure, it can be confusing sometimes; what are we? Yeah, I have that kind of friend; we’ve been close for almost 9 years now, and we still are.

“We have grown so much, many things have changed” – Go Eunbyeol

Yeah, a lot of things changed, that made me more confused than ever. But one thing that won’t change; what we are to each other. No matter how apart we are, how mad we are to each other, how embarrassed we are over something (or maybe is was only me?), it never gets awkward. Just when hearing your voice, or seeing your text, all the reasons just disappeared, because we know each other too well. Just like when I told you about someone I like, and when you told me about the person you like, tbh, I thought it would put us in a weird state, but it never does. How can we get apart over such a small thing? I won’t get away from you this time, I mean, how can I lose someone that’s so easy to order around?

ps: I haven't finished reading Falak yet because I really need to focus on it so let me finish my exam, just one more week. Heeee~ I've stop watching The Girl Who Sees Smell btw, because it's so addicting that I need to focus when I'm at it so it's better to watch after exam is over :)

Taegwang X Eunbi/Eunbyeol X Ian