Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wounds leave, scars don't

I was reading this book, and it talked about painful childhood memories; school. This girl was being bullied until she ended up killing herself. There was this time someone wrote offensive things on the board about her and the whole class laugh about it.
Why am I writing this? Because I’ve been there. I think I’ve been mentally bullied but I don’t really care about it. When I was thirteen; I was the class joke. Idk, people kept making fun of me and they even wrote insulting things about me on the board. I can still remember it clearly, when some of them ran, calling me to the class to see what they’ve wrote. You know what I did? I just came, look at it briefly, so I don’t remember things clearly, people are laughing; I laugh a bit and left. Idk why, it doesn’t offend me that much back then, it only hurts now. Maybe because I have my friends back then, who defend me, and cheer me up, and I was too happy to be sad. So, I don’t care.
Later, those guys apologize after I left the school and everything was okay as it never happened. I didn’t leave because of that thou, just simply because I can’t really study when I’m surrounded by people >.<
And there’s this one girl, who I’ve been closed to since I was ten, and she was the one scolding people who wrote bad things about me on the board, she was the one who’s always by my side; but I’ve never realized it. I did a lot of bad things to her, because I was too childish. Thinking about it, I felt stupid. She is amazing. She’s the bravest, smartest, toughest, and greatest person I have ever met. I wish I didn’t take her for granted when we were closed. I am really sorry, I miss you, and sincerely, thank you.