Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sometimes, you gotta be bold.

“You can’t see effort. All an eye can see is the result. Therefore, other people’s successes are credited as innate genius, or a mere luck.” – Answer Me 1994
Normal people would try hard to achieve their dreams, but that doesn’t mean born geniuses people didn’t. Well, if they’re falling then maybe they didn’t work as hard. When average people suddenly became the top, people would say that it’s just luck. When the best drop down, then maybe they didn’t work hard enough. What if the best one isn’t the best from the beginning? It was hard work from the first and things just got harder to handle. Does that mean there’s no effort? What if those people already give it all and the result is still bad? Does that mean it wasn’t the best? The results speak for those people. Whether it’s good or bad, their effort could never been seen. That’s why people are cruel; they judge but they don’t even care.   

Monday, March 16, 2015

When your good isn't good enough.

What’s happening to me? Why am I getting so bad? I’ve hit the rock bottom; thrice. This time, I fell really hard. How can I get back up? Can I even get up? I thought this was not too hard for me but now I’m suffocating. Studying; that was what I always wanted to do, because I’m good at it. But after finishing school, I’m not getting better. In fact, I kept getting worse day by day. Did I study less? Did I play too much? Am I not good enough? I wonder; is this too hard for me to handle? Is this beyond my limitation? I have no choice now except to just keep trying harder. Wish me luck T.T

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I want to believe in my dreams.

Lately, I’ve been dreaming about something; almost every day now that I had such dreams. It was so vivid that I could remember every detail when I woke up. But only for 10 – 15 minutes; then I forgot entirely about it. Last night, I dreamt about something again. I could remember it clearly; every single thing I did was so clear and seemed almost real. I kept thinking about it until now, that’s why I can still remember the dream. But, I couldn’t remember who the person in that dream was. In my dream, that person seemed like somebody I knew, but nothing that I could remember about that person except for the smile; in the dream. I wonder; do I know that person in reality? Why am I trying to remember?. People said that you’ll dream of the person you thought of before going to sleep. Sometimes it happened to me; but most of the time, it does not. I would be thinking of Woohyun before going to sleep and then dreamt about Hoya and the on the next day, I’d be falling hard for Hoya. Was it because my dreams were so vivid that I got confused? Well, dreams are always the best memories that no one would ever want to wake up from :)