Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The happy feelings that follow me are so cute

 Just now, I went to a new house my mother just bought. It was kind of an old fashioned type terrace house; with long grass (well, not very long) and a bit neglected. The best part was when I walked through the grass and saw things hopping around. It was grasshoppers! I kept playing there while my mother was touring and caught five grasshoppers in my palm ^^. I haven’t played with grasshoppers for quite a while. They were jumping hard inside my palm; waiting for the right time to jump out. It seemed like even if I lift my finger a little, they would all escape. I was bragging about it to my mom and the moment I opened my palm to show them to my mom, all five of them stood still. None of them jump out, I wish I took a picture of that, it was so beautiful. Should I name them? HAHA

 You know, I used to be a legend in catching grasshoppers when I was little. We lived in a small area with only three rows of houses. So, we were really closed to each other. Every evening, we would play in an open field, catching grasshoppers to be fed to fishes. I think I’m the one who caught the most HAHAHA. And then we would do role-play as a family; I used to be the daughter since I was quite small and the others would be the mom, dad, son, etc. Sometimes we pretend to get married. In the end of the year, when East Coast was flooded after raining a lot, we would play with tadpole. I remember myself catching them and gather them in a bottle. We used to compete who got the most. And then we would pretend fishing using any stick and thread we could find. You know the small gun with colorful round bullet? We used to battle with that as well; we would run chasing each other and just shoot. I used to get a lot of bruises. The most unforgettable one was in the middle of my forehead. Well, you know how I ended up look like.

 We were so silly during that time. I can still remember what a friend of mine said once, “If you touch someone you like when you have your wudhu’, then you guys will get married”. So, my friend run towards the guy she likes just to touch him so they would get married; and the guy ran really fast so he won’t get caught HAHA. And another, “If you drink water without touching your tongue when fasting, it won’t break your fast”. So, we tried hard to drink without the water touching our tongue. Usually during Ramadhan,  after sahur, me and my brothers would stay up watching ‘Tiny Planets’ on Disney (that was only for five minutes) and we watched other cartoons as well but I couldn’t remember well. All three of us only remember ‘Tiny Planets’ but we used to call it ‘Pikepong’ because their song sounded like that (it was actually Bing and Bong). And then I would go out at six (secretly) to meet our neighbor next door. Frankly, I think he was my first love HAHAHA. I can still remember his name but not his face this was when I was six.

 Those days were the best moments of our life. We could live carelessly and all we did was play. We lived like a family and everyday, we just couldn’t wait to meet each other.  As we grow older, our type of fun changes. Back then, even just a little thing could make us happy. I wish we recorded that moment so that none of them would be forgotten. Those were the most precious memories.