Thursday, February 12, 2015

Just let your brain explode.

At first I thought that it doesn’t mean you couldn’t win if you have the least allies but it turned out to be someone has to be a betrayer to win. Seriously, in the third game of ‘The Genius 2’; King Game, it’s the one who’s smart enough can conquer the game. And once you started conquering it, there’ll be no turning table, you’ll win for sure. This King Game made me think of ‘Abundance and Famine’ in season 1. It’s quite similar but different (?) kekeke. For me, the best game in Season 1 was Scamming Horse Race and I’ll look forward until the end of Season 2. And the third Death Match was the best so far. I haven’t watch the one Hong Jinho played since I stopped watching after Sunggyu got eliminated. Now, I’m very disappointed I hope I’ve watched it. It was awesome that I can play along but I don’t think I can in a panic situation. And I’m looking forward for the next episode, ‘Blackout’. The preview seems like it’ll be interesting and amazing and once again it might mesmerized me.