Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I will wait patiently for that day.

Sometimes, it’s just too hard for me. But then I thought, isn’t it hard for everyone? We always took the step of our maximum strength and then wondered, ‘Why is this so hard?’ ‘Am I on the right path?’ ‘Can I possibly do this?’. Those questions always linger in my mind too. But as days passed, here I am; already 20 years old, already taking my degree, already fulfilled a lot of my life goal. But I’m still wondering if I’m doing the right thing, can I do this or not.  What I’ve learnt, just endure it and keep giving your best. Life is always hard. So, to be what you want, you just have to work harder. Sometimes I thought of just leaving studying, I just want to stop. Maybe just getting married and living without thinking much. But now that I don’t have to think critically (I’m on semester break! Yeay), I started to think a lot. Everything is hard, not just to study or to have a profession, but to be a mother, a wife, and even a daughter is hard; to be a person is way harder. So, just give your all, because you won’t realize what you’re capable of until you actually try.
I was watching Emergency Couple, just the first two episodes thou, but now I can’t wait to see how far my life will lead me. I can’t wait to be an intern, do attachment at hospital, and meet patients. It has always been my dream to work in a hospital. I’ll look forward to my future☆