Thursday, February 19, 2015

Just live you life Happily.

There’s only one way to destroy your parents; and that is by spoiling yourself. So, if you want to take revenge on them, try making yourself miserable and just hit the rock bottom, your parents will feel that the most. And to make your parents happy, make them proud of you. Be the best person they had ever wanted so they’d feel lucky to have you. Making your parents proud of you is the best gift a child could ever give.
Being on holiday like this, I treasured the time with my family a lot. Everytime my parents asked to go out on a trip, I’m really excited and looking forward for it. Usually, I’m the type that would just cuddle in blanket and watch drama but now I just want to spend more time with them. We rarely got to spend time as five since we’re busy with our studies and all three of us stayed in hostel. So, when all of us are at home like right now, it’s really fun. Looking forward for our fishing trip tomorrow~! Right now, every second is just precious ^^