Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sometimes, I wish I’m a Pinocchio.

How would it feel when you can’t lie? I thought it might be awesome. Yeah it can be burden that you’ll always have to speak the truth but isn’t it better? When I lied, I’d feel really bad about myself, and that guilt is killing me alive. I can’t do anything properly and it’s torturing. But yet I can only hold it to myself. If I’m a Pinocchio, I can tell people that I’m lying. Isn’t it cool, that you’ll get hiccup every time you lie? I bet it’ll feel better because you don’t have to hold it to yourself and just let it out; even the truth hurts. It’s better to taste the bitterness of truth than the sweetness of lie.
Why I’m writing about Pinocchio so sudden? Yeah I’m currently watching the drama Pinocchio and it’s seriously awesooooome~~ can’t wait for the next episode and I want to write about Lee JongSuk’s dramas after finishing watching. Pyeong ^^
*not bothering about my final exam. Too stress to think about*