Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just like a MIRACLE

Somehow, we’re connected to an invisible thread that will bring us back together. I’m so in love with Nam Woohyun! And Shin Woohyun, well, their personalities are almost the same. I really wish to meet someone like him in real life; or to meet him. Whether you are a Sunggyu’s fan, or Dongwoo’s fan, or Hoya’s fan, or Sungyeol’s fan, or L’s fan, or Sungjong’s fan, you’re still a Woohyun’s fan. He’ll just melt your heart and all that you know; you’ve just fallen too deep.
I’ve just finished watching High School – Love On.  It took me quite a while because I have to wait for my brother to watch it together but still it’s an amazing drama. It reminded you of your school years and how great friendship can be; and how interesting love can be; and how deep you can fall for Woohyun.
And me, just like Lee Seulbi, I learnt through dramas. It’s just like a miracle, that no matter how long I’ve leave, my heart still beats for the same person.
Two words I’ve always want to say, “I know. I’ve watch it a lot in dramas” and “human are so complicated”.