Thursday, January 29, 2015

Be Selfish to Win the GAME.

What would you choose; beautiful defeat or ugly victory? So, as usual, I was carelessly wasting my time with The Genius 2: Rule Breaker. Few days ago, I re-watched the episode where Sunggyu came as guest and seriously, the game was awesome, but I couldn’t relate very well since it’s a bit confusing. Lucky for me, we got Channel M on astro this time! Thank you Astro *wink wink*. Thou The Genius is from TvN, well Channel M and TvN are under the same company I guess, so they air The Genius 2~! I just watched the first episode; Food Chain, and the concept is the same as the one with Sunggyu. There were 13 animals in total, each have specific winning and losing condition. They drew their card randomly and fulfilled their condition. There are 4 rounds in total and 4 habitats to choose from. They can be anywhere in the first round but have to return to their own habitat in the next round. Animals with same level cannot kill each other. As usual, when watching The Genius, I wrote my own notes to understand the game and play with them hehe >.<

From the top of the chain;

1.       LION – Need to kill at least one prey in all four rounds.

2.       CROCODILE – Need to kill more than lion but can go hungry in one round.

3.       EAGLE – Need to kill, can only go hungry once.

4.       HYENA – Win if the lion is dead, can go hungry for two rounds.
If four of them are together, they can’t be killed. If one is dead, the three need to be together. If only one survive, then he will be immortal.
5.       OTTER

5.       MALLARDS          
5.       DEER

5.       RABBIT

5.       EGYPTIAN PLOVER – Win if the crocodile wins.

5.       RAT – Win if the lion wins.

5.       SNAKE – Whoever attack him will be dead instead.

5.       CROW – Guess which animal is the final survival in order to win.

5.       CHAMELEON – Need to survive and can disguise as other animal.

So, from my view, the Rat is a bit stupid in the game. Before drawing their animals, she made an alliance with the Hyena. She needs to kill the Lion for Hyena to win or betray the Hyena for her to win; and she chose the Hyena. In the third round, she didn’t go to the Lion and the Lion died of hunger. She chose beautiful defeat but in the end, she was chosen for the Death Match. And the best thing is that, the Rabbit became one of the final survival after the three others are killed.
Another that I learnt was that, be moderate instead. You'll never know; you might need the help of the one you dissed later, or the one you trusted might betray you. It’s a really great game show; it tested your mind and relaxed your mind as well. I really recommend this show~  how I wish I could play the games once.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Stop raping my heart

So there’s one time when I was watching Infinite performing ‘Tic Toc’ on youtube and Dongwoo’s rap was freaking awesome and there’s this one comment, “Dongwoo is the best raper ever” and everybody was like ‘that was the best typo ever because it’s so true’ HAHAHA. So here I am, falling again, pfft. And I’ve been into rap these days. I used to hate YG style but now I’m in love with Winner and sometimes Epik High as well.
Last night, I was watching Roommate 2 and of course I’m a huge fan of Jackson.  I hope he’ll end up dating Youngji kekeke. So, Got7 came and I saw how cute BamBam was and I was like ‘yes he’s the one I’m looking for’ I’ve been replaying Got7’s stage on Gayo Daejun but didn’t know who was that; but I’ve been interested in him for quite awhile. Yeah he’s the rapper of Got7, BamBam!
And last month I think, I was watching the music video of Hi Suhyun where I saw how freaking attractive Bobby is. I just couldn’t stop replaying the MV because Bobby looks so good! And I watched Show Me The Money 3 last week and yeah I can’t stop looking at him. His rap skill is no joke and when he smiles, the whole world stand and stares for a while~
I’ve been interested in Jung Ilhoon for quite a while; maybe about last year. When I was watching BtoB MTV diary and Ilhoon dressed up as a girl and he looks super hot, I mean, as a guy, I don’t know, I just can’t stop staring at him and smiling everytime he’s on the screen. And then I watched him at weekly idol; he melts my heart. His rap is awesome!
Of course I wouldn’t leave our Infinite behind. So, I re-watched Reply 1997 (too lazy to study) and ahhhhh what Kang Junhee has done to me? I’m falling for Hoya again. Infinite H just released their MV for ‘Pretty’ and Hoya looks super duper cute! The moment he drove the car cutely, and spill his drink cutely and being sassy cutely; how can I not love him? And the song is daebak~!
BamBam’s photo spam!


Bobby’s photo spam!


Ilhoon’s photo spam!

Hoya’s photo spam!


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stop choosing, just follow the flow

It’s not like you can choose what to feel; it’s your heart that made the decision. But you can control it. If you keep talking to others about him, or thinking of him, then you’ll like that person even more. Instead, just distract yourself.
Do something you like first before doing something you’re good at. But if you’re bad at the thing you like, then it won’t work. Just trying to do what you’re good at, there must be a reason why you’re good at it and by doing it often; you’ll grow to like it.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just like a MIRACLE

Somehow, we’re connected to an invisible thread that will bring us back together. I’m so in love with Nam Woohyun! And Shin Woohyun, well, their personalities are almost the same. I really wish to meet someone like him in real life; or to meet him. Whether you are a Sunggyu’s fan, or Dongwoo’s fan, or Hoya’s fan, or Sungyeol’s fan, or L’s fan, or Sungjong’s fan, you’re still a Woohyun’s fan. He’ll just melt your heart and all that you know; you’ve just fallen too deep.
I’ve just finished watching High School – Love On.  It took me quite a while because I have to wait for my brother to watch it together but still it’s an amazing drama. It reminded you of your school years and how great friendship can be; and how interesting love can be; and how deep you can fall for Woohyun.
And me, just like Lee Seulbi, I learnt through dramas. It’s just like a miracle, that no matter how long I’ve leave, my heart still beats for the same person.
Two words I’ve always want to say, “I know. I’ve watch it a lot in dramas” and “human are so complicated”.


Sometimes, I wish I’m a Pinocchio.

How would it feel when you can’t lie? I thought it might be awesome. Yeah it can be burden that you’ll always have to speak the truth but isn’t it better? When I lied, I’d feel really bad about myself, and that guilt is killing me alive. I can’t do anything properly and it’s torturing. But yet I can only hold it to myself. If I’m a Pinocchio, I can tell people that I’m lying. Isn’t it cool, that you’ll get hiccup every time you lie? I bet it’ll feel better because you don’t have to hold it to yourself and just let it out; even the truth hurts. It’s better to taste the bitterness of truth than the sweetness of lie.
Why I’m writing about Pinocchio so sudden? Yeah I’m currently watching the drama Pinocchio and it’s seriously awesooooome~~ can’t wait for the next episode and I want to write about Lee JongSuk’s dramas after finishing watching. Pyeong ^^
*not bothering about my final exam. Too stress to think about*