Sunday, November 16, 2014

Watch me forget you.

 Why do I want to write so badly? But I have no idea what to write on. Back in 2010, (wow it has been four years O.O) I had so many things to write about. Things were so much fun and even the simplest thing could make me smile. Well, it wasn’t because of the things back then but a person back then. Reading back my posts, how I wish today would be the same. But slowly, everything disappeared. But it is okay, I’m used to it. Wait, I said this too often, maybe the truth is that I’m not okay? I’m still not used to it? People said that friendship that lasts more than seven years would last forever, but guess that doesn’t apply to all. Time will keep going and people changed. Why am I sounded so depressed? Ahh I watched too much dramas. Yeah, I’m living a virtual life again. But I think I’ll slowly get over this. If back in those days, I missed that person everyday and then I kept missing and it slowly went away and now I’m okay without even thinking of it. So yeah, let’s watch drama~!