Sunday, November 23, 2014

I Miss You Even Worse

So few days ago, I dreamt about him. Wait, who is him? Is it the person I always talked and wrote about? Luckily, no it’s not him, yeay HAHA. I rarely dreamt about that person now. It was Kim Myungsoo! Yessss L of Infinite. He’s not technically my ultimate bias in Infinite and not because I hate him or what but simply because I don’t want him to be one. It seems so typical, people knew about Infinite because of L and like L and claimed to be an Inspirit just because  L is handsome and L and L and everything is about L so yeah I hate that. I don’t want to be one of them but I couldn’t stop myself from loving him. No, I’m not in love with L but Myungsoo. A naïve and a bit dumb and a math genius and anime lover and learn about love through anime and a bit blur sometimes and somehow awkward with stranger and health-food lover; that kind of person and he is Kim Myungsoo. Last time when I watched ‘My Lovely Girl’; when he dyed his hair back to dark colour; suddenly, my heart beat so fast. When he smiled with both eyes closed; showing his dimple, it made me nervous. And I went to sleep with the thought of him and he came into my dream and I was happy how I wish it will come true but I hate this virtual life of mine T.T
 "And I realized that a happy dream makes me feel even more miserable when I wake up." - Do Minjun