Sunday, November 23, 2014

I Miss You Even Worse

So few days ago, I dreamt about him. Wait, who is him? Is it the person I always talked and wrote about? Luckily, no it’s not him, yeay HAHA. I rarely dreamt about that person now. It was Kim Myungsoo! Yessss L of Infinite. He’s not technically my ultimate bias in Infinite and not because I hate him or what but simply because I don’t want him to be one. It seems so typical, people knew about Infinite because of L and like L and claimed to be an Inspirit just because  L is handsome and L and L and everything is about L so yeah I hate that. I don’t want to be one of them but I couldn’t stop myself from loving him. No, I’m not in love with L but Myungsoo. A na├»ve and a bit dumb and a math genius and anime lover and learn about love through anime and a bit blur sometimes and somehow awkward with stranger and health-food lover; that kind of person and he is Kim Myungsoo. Last time when I watched ‘My Lovely Girl’; when he dyed his hair back to dark colour; suddenly, my heart beat so fast. When he smiled with both eyes closed; showing his dimple, it made me nervous. And I went to sleep with the thought of him and he came into my dream and I was happy how I wish it will come true but I hate this virtual life of mine T.T
 "And I realized that a happy dream makes me feel even more miserable when I wake up." - Do Minjun



Sunday, November 16, 2014

Watch me forget you.

 Why do I want to write so badly? But I have no idea what to write on. Back in 2010, (wow it has been four years O.O) I had so many things to write about. Things were so much fun and even the simplest thing could make me smile. Well, it wasn’t because of the things back then but a person back then. Reading back my posts, how I wish today would be the same. But slowly, everything disappeared. But it is okay, I’m used to it. Wait, I said this too often, maybe the truth is that I’m not okay? I’m still not used to it? People said that friendship that lasts more than seven years would last forever, but guess that doesn’t apply to all. Time will keep going and people changed. Why am I sounded so depressed? Ahh I watched too much dramas. Yeah, I’m living a virtual life again. But I think I’ll slowly get over this. If back in those days, I missed that person everyday and then I kept missing and it slowly went away and now I’m okay without even thinking of it. So yeah, let’s watch drama~!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dream a sweet Dream :)

Annyeong~! So, kpop talks again kekeke. Lately, I’ve been listening to Winner’s songs a lot. At first I kept replaying ‘Empty’ as it was really addictive. And then I’m crazy over ‘Don’t flirt’ and the dance! I mean, it’s so cute. I’m falling for Nam Taehyun! And their butt dance kekeke their expressions were sooooo cute I’m dying right now! And Taehyun’s solo ‘Confession’ is addictive as well I’m melting T.T So, that’s enough with Winner. I’ve just ordered their album btw. And now I’m falling for LOVELYZ! It’s been a while since I got crazy over girl group. Oh wait, I’m an apink fangirl kekeke. I thought of buying apink’s album at first. I really like most of their song in Secret Garden and Pink Blossom, and Afiqah bought them so I want them too! But I was saving my money so goodbye apink. But still, i enjoyed their songs.  And now, I’m a LOVELYZ fangirl! I liked JIN’s ‘Gone’ since the first time I heard it. I’ve watched She’s A Flirt MV before but couldn’t remember well so I rewatched it and deeply falling in love with the song and the mv and Baby Soul! It would be great if Yoo Jiah debuted with them, she’s pretty and her voice is nice too. And they just released their MV of Goodnight Like Yesterday and I couldn’t stop myself from listening to it, it was sooo addictive! I’m going crazy right now. Ryo Sujeong is so pretty maybe she could become my bias? But I like Baby Soul and JIN and Kei and here I am with biases dilemma *pfft typical kpop fans problem*. Okay that’s all for today kekeke I might become more excited if I keep on writing so bye bye~~!