Sunday, October 19, 2014

Stop playing and grab my stars.

Annyeonghaseyo :) kekeke I miss writing so much. So here I am, on a week holiday, spending my time travelling with my family. Well, not really travelling thou; just spending some times at hotel. It’s been a while since we went to any hotel. When we were still in Johor, we came to KL a lot and spent a night or two. The best thing about living (?) in the hotel room is the wifi! So yeah I spent my two days at Berjaya Times Square hotel staring at my phone screen.
Expectation       : Downloading Infinite’s related show that I haven’t watch then reading Anatomy book and studying while waiting for it.
Reality                  : Curling in the blanket with temperature of 15°C while watching We Got Married and fangirling over them.
OMO I love JjongAh (Hong Jonghyun + Yura) couple so much! Jonghyun is my ideal type! He’s so shy and awkward and cute and I love him. Is it okay for me to love someone’s husband? Kekeke. And then I found SoRim (Soeun + Song Jaerim) couple and I love him! I love Jaerim, he’s so talkative and attractive and aggressive. I mean, can I marry him? But then I realized; ahhh I like them all. My ideal type wasn’t Jonghyun or Jaerim but Korean namja kekeke. As long as you’re Korean and you’re a guy I can simply fall in love >.<