Sunday, September 21, 2014

Your birthday comes only once a year.

Hey you! This post is especially dedicated for the sweetest, clumsiest, cutest, and joyah-est girl on Earth! Dear Nadia Syamin, thank you for being born. It was about a week after we were enrolled in UiTM Puncak Alam. You were late and a friend of yours reserved a seat for you. I sat on the empty seat beside. When you came, the class almost started (typical Nadia since the beginning, pfft.) And then you asked me out of nowhere to accompany you to the office due to some email issues. Starting from that moment, we became closer and I don’t remember what happen until then. I can’t remember what we did until we became this close.
All I want to say is that thank you again for approaching me that day. My life has become brighter there since I met you. Because of you, we got closer to Asyafiqa and Jijiel as well since you were the one suggesting forming a group with the four of us during Biology Lab. Because of you, Aimang asked all four of us to teach him Mathematics (but Jijiel was the one doing all the teaching) and brought Adae along. Because of you, KELING was formed. Because of you, we were happy until our last day and even until now, we were still together; the six of us.
I used to wait for you before going to class (even when I thought it will take forever pfft) and scolding on how late you were on our way but somehow, I miss those moments. It might be hard to find someone like you again. Yeah, I kindda miss you. This post has been too long already. All in all, I miss you and Saranghae! Until we meet again. Stay happy and wake up early okay! Take care :)