Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I knew this feeling.


It’s weird thou, I thought I’ve lost my interest towards Nam Woohyun; I thought I really am falling for Song Samdong, but then Kim Joowon appeared and I couldn’t stop thinking of him; and now, Shin Woohyun! I was watching Hi School Love On and I’m falling in love again T_T I don’t know for how many times I’ve been falling and I don’t even know what’s real and what am I playing with my mind. Frankly, I’m afraid if I ever turn my back on Infinite; I’m afraid if I move on; I’m afraid if I’m no longer an Inspirit. But today, my heart was beating again; just like the first time I fell in love with Infinite; it was beating so fast and that moment, I knew, that I still love you; as much as I did when I first saw you.

They said that love might change, well, I did waver for a moment, but I won’t change. So, please keep appearing in front of me so I’ll stay.