Saturday, September 27, 2014

Memories have no power.

Have you ever feel like you want to forget something or turn back the time? Sure all of us have regrets in our life, right? But what if you can choose; what will it be between having all the bad memories to be gone with the best memories or keeping both? Having to remember the hard time sure is torturing but isn’t forgetting the happiness hurts more? What will change if we can erase them all? Will our future be any different? And if it will, then will it be better? It wasn’t the memories and the past that will lead you to a better future but the present. Regretful past made us forget our best time, so instead, remember only the cherish time so the dark memories will slowly disappear.
Just because you have the memories and the past, it doesn’t mean that you can still have what is used to be yours; it only means that you have to move on.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Your birthday comes only once a year.

Hey you! This post is especially dedicated for the sweetest, clumsiest, cutest, and joyah-est girl on Earth! Dear Nadia Syamin, thank you for being born. It was about a week after we were enrolled in UiTM Puncak Alam. You were late and a friend of yours reserved a seat for you. I sat on the empty seat beside. When you came, the class almost started (typical Nadia since the beginning, pfft.) And then you asked me out of nowhere to accompany you to the office due to some email issues. Starting from that moment, we became closer and I don’t remember what happen until then. I can’t remember what we did until we became this close.
All I want to say is that thank you again for approaching me that day. My life has become brighter there since I met you. Because of you, we got closer to Asyafiqa and Jijiel as well since you were the one suggesting forming a group with the four of us during Biology Lab. Because of you, Aimang asked all four of us to teach him Mathematics (but Jijiel was the one doing all the teaching) and brought Adae along. Because of you, KELING was formed. Because of you, we were happy until our last day and even until now, we were still together; the six of us.
I used to wait for you before going to class (even when I thought it will take forever pfft) and scolding on how late you were on our way but somehow, I miss those moments. It might be hard to find someone like you again. Yeah, I kindda miss you. This post has been too long already. All in all, I miss you and Saranghae! Until we meet again. Stay happy and wake up early okay! Take care :) 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I knew this feeling.


It’s weird thou, I thought I’ve lost my interest towards Nam Woohyun; I thought I really am falling for Song Samdong, but then Kim Joowon appeared and I couldn’t stop thinking of him; and now, Shin Woohyun! I was watching Hi School Love On and I’m falling in love again T_T I don’t know for how many times I’ve been falling and I don’t even know what’s real and what am I playing with my mind. Frankly, I’m afraid if I ever turn my back on Infinite; I’m afraid if I move on; I’m afraid if I’m no longer an Inspirit. But today, my heart was beating again; just like the first time I fell in love with Infinite; it was beating so fast and that moment, I knew, that I still love you; as much as I did when I first saw you.

They said that love might change, well, I did waver for a moment, but I won’t change. So, please keep appearing in front of me so I’ll stay.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This love that came like the wind.

10 Dramas for a month I think; since I quit my job. So yeah, 10 awesome dramas and I'm happy. If Kim Myungsoo learnt about love through manga, then I learnt through dramas >.<

Kim Joo Won; who dumbly throw everything even his life just so that the person can live in his body instead (It’s selfish but Hyunbin is really cute tbh)

Song Sam Dong; who didn’t give up until the end even after losing his hearing and keep chasing his dream (Kim Soohyun is the cutest when talking in Satoori)

Oh Soo; who pretended to be the fake brother for money but then fell in love with his fake sister and found his reason to live (the way Jo Insung walks; i mean, like a model)

Choi Han Kyung; who didn’t even care whether she’s a man or an alien and want to go as far as he could (how can Gong Yoo looks so cute when he smiles? I mean, he’s already too old)

Do Min Jun; who didn’t go to the star and choose to stay on Earth even he’s been waiting for 400 years to go back (Yah Kim Soohyun! You’re really a handsome alien)

Kang Maru; who took the blame for what he didn’t do and discover that it wasn’t love but a foolish act (I never knew Song Joongki was this cute)

Park Hoon;who grew up killing people but ended up being the most thoughtful doctor because doctor save people (Lee Jongsuk was my first actor bias actually)

Jang Junhyeon; who fell to the rock bottom and finally got up and chose to disappear for a moment (I can’t remember his real name thou; Jin Hyunwoo)

Jin Yujin; who chose the right thing that he wanted to do with his life and not being a training dog (Jung Jinwoon’s voice is something, really)

Eun Dae Goo; who once wanted revenge and finally found the truth and pretending to kill himself in order to kill the murder (It was the first time I noticed how cute Lee Seunggi is)

So, I’ve spent my whole holiday with these dramas; finishing them within two days and longing for a while before starting a new one.  The best one out of these dramas is ofc the first one I wrote about, because I’m still in love with Kim Joo won; SECRET GARDEN.