Saturday, August 9, 2014

I know, nothing lasts forever

Hey. It’s been a while. Apparently, today I won’t be writing about Eid but about reasons and dream instead. I’ve been spending a while watching this drama called ‘Dream High’. Thou it was an old drama, I just started watching it because of Kim Soohyun. I finished watching the whole drama at 5.30 A.M. last night and went to sleep just after that. That’s how obsessed I am when it comes to drama; and that’s how much I love it.
Right now, I admit, I’m in love with a character in the drama and not a real person. Song Sam Dong, I don’t really know what I like about this guy, he’s dumb and naïve and spoke in Satoori (dialect) and probably those are the reasons why I like him a lot; someone who’s simply just dumb and smiles a lot. Do Min Jun, yes he’s a character played by Kim Soohyun as well but why don’t I get the same feeling? Do Min Jun rarely smiles and he’s smart. So now, I just figured why I like a person, I like someone who’s dangerously dumb and smiles a lot no matter what’s going on.
Dream? I’m not even sure about my dream yet. Well, I have this one foolish dream but I don’t know how I’m going to approach my dream. I think, for me to archive this dream, I need to have another clear goal.
Why am I like this? I realized something after watching drama. If Kim Myungsoo can say that he only learns about love through manga, then I can say that I learnt about life and love through drama. Drama gave me a break in life, to just stop thinking for a while and walk in to someone else’s life. Before, I kept on being too clingy and I depended on a person too much. Infinite actually walk me out of it. To just have my own world, even a virtual world, I was happy; in fact, I’m happy now. I don’t have to take care of others’ heart; and I don’t have to take care of my own heart.