Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The weak gets devoured.

Annyeong! It’s been a while since the last time I’ve wrote here. I’ve been busy with works and stuffs. But I haven’t share about my working experiences yet. So here I go. From the first day, well, it wasn’t hard but it wasn’t easy either. There’s this women who works there as well and she told me a lot about our bosses who apparently are stingy, greedy and cunning. So I went home with a thought of how bad my bosses are (they’re husband and wife).
After a few months passed, I thought, ahhh my bosses aren’t that bad, that women always talks behind peoples' back; she even talked about me and the others. It was hurtful at first but I got used to it. She’s in her 40s by the way. So what I’ve learnt is that the older you get, actually, you got worse (?).
So why did I quit? So here’s the story. My bosses are bad! Since they have their own brand; they made their own clothes and the tailors are just youngster; they’re the same age as me. They’ve signed a contract saying that in June, their basic salary would be RM1000 but for their June salary, they just got RM500 as their basic salary and when they asked the boss about this, she said that they got the contract wrong (she didn’t give any copies to them). So they decided to just quit but the boss threaten to sue them and everything but I said just quit, they can’t sue a minor, I mean, aren’t you ashamed of yourselves for suing young kids? I'm really pissed off, I don't want to live in such life.
I took a day off few days ago as I need to settle some things. The boss sent a message on our group chatroom saying that an employer shouldn’t just take a day off freely as they wish and bla bla bla so I thought I should just quit since I couldn’t give full commitment. All in all, it's just that we're like a slave to our bosses; they can just do whatever they want without even considering others. It was a really long story actually but I just cut it off. This is already too long >.<