Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tho someday your name might become strange heart will always remember our memories together.

That cherished moment when everyone was online at the same time. The six of us, even we’re far apart, there is one thing that kept us strong together; ourselves. Exactly at 22:06, all of us send our text simultaneously. Thou it was just a simple “hahaha” written, we were also laughing while typing it. We were sincere; we were having fun; we were happy. That is how much we’re important to each other; we made each other smile even for the smallest thing.
The friends at my side are just like stars which shine on me who’s in darkness. I will also be the star who will shine on someone; forever there.
Present. In English, it has two meanings: a gift, and also the current moment. It may be that the most precious gift to us is the present, the time in front of us now. True, we may always be bickering with each other, but we leaned on each other and were happy together.