Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's a really BAD WOLF~!

Holla~ I really want to write this even I’m busy with my lab report. So this morning, I went to the Big Bad wolf at The Mines. I thought it was just a simple sale so I didn’t really prepare anything, even money. I thought I was just going to look around and go home. But, it didn’t turn out that way. Lucky for me, my mom lend me MYR 50.00 so I was able to buy some books there. It was seriously CHEAP! The hard covers novel which usually cost about MYR 60.00++ was sold at MYR 10.00! How crazy was that? I bought three hard cover novels and three paper bag novels for just MYR 54.00. I wish I could buy more but most of them are already sold out on the day before. It wasn’t that crowded when I was there and seriously for books’ lovers, go there! You won’t regret a penny you spent because it’s really worth it. I really want to go there again. I wasn’t able to find the Korean Dictionary I was looking for. So here’s the picture of the crowd and what we’ve bought. Together, we spent about MYR 194.00~~