Friday, November 22, 2013

Time to wake up.

Well, most of people dreams are big and awesome. Mine are too. But this wasn’t about that dreams, it’s just the comfort I’m having now. Being on vacation like this is awesome. Just resting in the house without thinking of anything complicated, it’s felt really good. I haven’t done much lately, just sitting home, sleeping late and waking up late, watching dramas with my brothers, playing poker with them late at night, and just spending time together. I never thought this before but I’m really gonna miss home this time. Just a few days before I go back to my hostel and start studying again and I really hope time will pause. I want to spend more time at home. Now I even felt happy doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. I’ve finished watching The Master’s Sun (it was really awesome by the way, especially my Myungsoo) and currently are watching The Birth of A Family (just 4 more episodes to go T_T), The Strange Housekeeper (it’s interesting) and The Heirs (Kim Tan is so hot HAHAHA). Ahhhh I want to keep watching dramas, playing with my siblings, go on vacation with my family and just laying down thinking of nothing. Yeah, enjoying the moment without thinking what’s ahead of us is fun but life must go on and I must work harder to achieve my bigger dreams. Thinking of how my Infinite oppas managed to do world tours, working without considering what time it is and yet still be able to smile and put up a great show, I know I can do it, to get to my goal, just like how Infinite manage to reach their goals.

PS: Happy Birthday to our Dinowoo #24thDongziziDay
Hope Infinite will win at least an award in MAMA~ hwaiting boys ^^