Friday, October 18, 2013

You Make Me Believe.

So here comes my story. Since I can’t go to OGS Malaysia, I made a deal with my father. And he allowed me to go to the airport to see Infinite myself~!
So I waited for about 2 hours (not that long thou because some had stayed over 6 hours and some even going to spend a night there because of no transportation) and finally, Infinite came out from the VIP exit. They walked pass me and I can see them clearly~! I think I saw Myungsoo at first but there was so many people and he was blocked by the guards so I didn’t really see him. Just then, Dongwoo stopped in front of me, smiling. He’s really handsome and cute and his smile was so precious. Then I saw Sungjong and Hoya. I can see Sungjong really clearly as he was right in front of me, he’s so handsome in real life. I can’t really see Hoya and Woohyun since they were wearing mask. And then there's Sunggyu waving at fans. I got pushed hard but lucky for me that I was in front so I got pushed closer to Sunggyu. He’s skin is really fair and beautiful. I think I stopped breathing for a moment.
The sad part is, I wasn’t able to take any pictures, people were rushing and pushing each other, I can’t even press the camera button. It’s a shame thou. And I didn’t see Myungsoo and Sungyeol. My mind went blank and I can’t even look up to find them, I just focus on the one in front of me; WooGyu. Seeing them up close was awesome and a special moment for me. It’s really worth it and I’ve spent my money on the right place too. Who said kpop made you turn bad? As long as you know where the line is and what’s the best thing to choose, it’s alright.

People said I was obsessed, I look like I was being possessed by them. But I said that I was just falling in love, I didn’t choose to love them, it just happened. They weren’t a character in story books or movies or novels, they’re real human being. I saw them.