Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tears won’t come – I thought I’d be okay

Last week, exactly last week, at this very moment, I was very anxious, nervous, I thought my heart would explode, everything happened so fast. At 11 AM, Sunday, 25th August 2013. I wonder who would remember this date, but it was precious to me. It was the day, the day I’ve been counting since the teaser came out, the day that I’ve missed. 
It was the day of the ticket launch for OGS in Malaysia. I’ve called every place selling the tickets but they don’t take order until 4. So, I waited again. Until it was 4, but still, they’re not selling it yet. Until about 4.15, ticketcharge finally did online sales. 
So I clicked it, booked for myself, yeah I got the VIP ticket. Lucky for me, there was a spot for VIP, left side, which hasn’t been sold out yet, all the VVIPs and right VIP has been sold out. I got first row, seat number 8. 
Yeah that was the happiest moment, until one thing that destroyed all my happiness, my credit card. A message was sent to my father and revealed the price, and yeah he was angry so I have to cancel my order. 
I was crying hard, everytime the concert was mentioned, I can’t hold myself, tears kept pouring. I thought I’m okay now but reading the updates about OGS INA, I think I might cry. It hurts so badly. 
But I know, there’s always a reason for everything that happened.