Friday, August 9, 2013

Why you hating?

Well, I assumed all inspirits worldwide have known about the SM-Woollim thingy. Except for those who didn’t online or rarely online or doesn’t care or just pretending to be in this fandom or too busy spazzing about the first day of OGS. Well, I hope I’m one of those who spazzed about OGS but twitter won’t let me since all of inspirits were crazy over this SM-Woollim thingy. I perfectly understand about what’s going on and how these wont effect Infinite and even Woollim but somehow I felt something is wrong about this. They said it will just change the name from Woollim Entertainment to Woollim Label and the music distributer will be SM C&C instead of LOEN. It’s just that, there’s still the word SM on it that made me uncomfortable. It’s not that I hate SM, but I’m afraid. And I don’t know why. And i prefer LOEN, i like the LOEN logo behind Infinite's album. Why SM started this? But let’s just hope the best for Infinite oppas and the rest of OGS tour.