Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Truth is always Painful.

The truth doesn't win in court but what wins in the court is the truth.
  Is this reliable? The truth is always painful but honesty is the best policy. That’s what I’ve learned from this drama. There are two type of people, and which one is the good person? The one who told the truth or hide it? Come to think about it, the person who tell the truth might think it was the best but isn’t that person just saving himself, by not letting the guilt killing him; while the person who hides it thought about the other person, how would he react? Yeah, there are lots of truths and most of them are hurtful. I’m writing on truth about others that we hid. But still, no matter how hard we try to cover the truth, at the end, it will still be discovered. So yeah, honesty is the best policy even it hurts. So, no matter how bad things were, just keep saying the truth and you’ll not be trapped by your own words. One lie leads to another. And Park Soo Ha~! I’m crazy over you now! Kekeke okay stop. Btw, I’ve finished watching the whole episodes, after sitting in front of lappy for 11 hours, watching 8 episodes; 11 to 18. Yeah I’m a drama addict. So tomorrow, oh it’s today, Happy Eid.
Amalina, Solleh and my family, hidup baik baik. Selamat Hari Raya.