Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Hear Your Voice.

Hiyeong~ Hiyeong~ Woohyun~ Woohyun~ kekeke. okay today, it's about drama. drama seriously is addicting. i slept at four last night, watching I Hear Your Voice. it's hard to step and you just want to watch the next episode quickly. and then they came into your dream. yes, it's typical. so yeah, being able to hear what others though is awesome. but yet the world is noisier then others'. and Park Soo Ha is seriously handsome kekeke. i think i've fallen for Lee Jong Suk. after scholl 2013, now this. and one more thing about Korean drama, it made you want to be like them. like while watching Yes, Captain, i felt like, it would be awesome to become a pilot. School 2013; i want to be a teacher. I Hear Your Voice; i want to be a lawyer. Reply 1997; i want to bea doctor who is a hardcore kpop fan. To The Beautiful You; i want to disguise and enter boys' school. Big; i want to change body. but it was all just drama. ahhhh i want to finish watching this palli. 

ps: One Great Step in Malaysia; 19th October 2013. yeah i'm on a month holiday. wait for me hubby~ kekeke