Saturday, August 24, 2013

Every part of my heart says it’s you

Ahhhhhh Nam Woohyun~~! Idk how many post I'll write since there were so many things happened today, so many feelings, though it's only for Infinite. This morning, I fell hard for Kim Sunggyu, and even posted an entry about the genius. Then later in the evening, I fell for Lee Sungjong, I wrote about it just now. And now, my heart was beating hard for Nam Woohyun~! I've been on a week holiday due to my eyes infection so I've been spending my time Infinite-ing and accidently found videos of Infinite that I haven't watch before, or just have been subbed. I've just watched Moon Night 90 with Infinite, well, they acted back and it was about DJ DOC. But Nam Woohyun was extremely handsome and it's killing me. AHHHHH see? see? 

OMG. OMG. Look at his expression. Who wouldn't fall for that? 

Marry me juseyo. I think they shot this in late 2011 because Dubu and Coco made a cameo.