Saturday, August 24, 2013

Every part of my heart says it’s you

Ahhhhhh Nam Woohyun~~! Idk how many post I'll write since there were so many things happened today, so many feelings, though it's only for Infinite. This morning, I fell hard for Kim Sunggyu, and even posted an entry about the genius. Then later in the evening, I fell for Lee Sungjong, I wrote about it just now. And now, my heart was beating hard for Nam Woohyun~! I've been on a week holiday due to my eyes infection so I've been spending my time Infinite-ing and accidently found videos of Infinite that I haven't watch before, or just have been subbed. I've just watched Moon Night 90 with Infinite, well, they acted back and it was about DJ DOC. But Nam Woohyun was extremely handsome and it's killing me. AHHHHH see? see? 

OMG. OMG. Look at his expression. Who wouldn't fall for that? 

Marry me juseyo. I think they shot this in late 2011 because Dubu and Coco made a cameo.

Friday, August 23, 2013

That Feeling Came Back.

Feeling? yeah HAHA. And yes, it's about Infinite again. Since I'm in love with those seven dorks, I can't stop posting, thinking, talking, watching and doing everything related to them. Mianhaeyo. So, what was the feeling? My first bias in Infinite. In my previous post, maybe I posted it in early 2012 or late 2011, but I made a poster of my bias list, and Sungjong as the representative from Infinite. At that moment, I only knew Sungjong from Infinite and fell in love at first sight. But as time went by, my bias list kept changing and I don't even know who is my ultimate bias now. But something made me wonder, how did I fell for Lee Sungjong? Because he didn't attract me much lately. But just now, I watched Children Of The Night with Infinite as guest and I fell in love with Lee Sungjong again. So that's how. I fell for the Sungjong in 2010 and 2011. He have grown so much that he seems quite different now. He was so pure, innocent, loud, skinny, cute and boost a lot about his sexy girl group dance skill, and that's what I love the most about him. But I hope I can still love him like I used to. He's a precious maknae. 

The Genius: Rules of the Game

Wahhh this variety is amazing. It was like, the calm version of Running Man. Yeah, the games are actually almost the same but Running Man is a bit chaotic while The Genius only required mind and lots of thinking. So, there are two main things in winning a game; Trust and Betray. You need to know who to trust and who to betray. But in the end, you just have to think about yourself to win. Once who understand the whole game plan and rules, you’ll realise how smart and genius the game was. Wow I wish I was casted in that game HAHA well I think I would’ve done better but that was only because I’ve watched all points of view, what if there was only mine, I won’t be able to know what others think and might lose. One more thing is strategy. It was the most important thing in winning and I’ve realised something, even when playing Candy Crush, we need strategy. Frankly speaking, I’m amazed with the strategy in The Genius, it’s out of the box.  And yeah, Kim Sunggyu, you were awesome. To survive until the last four, yes I’m proud of you. Saranghaeyo. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shigani is TIME.

Day by day, time just passed by. I’m sure everyone has regrets in their live. Even I have regretted on many things. But as time passed by, I forgot, maybe because it was just small regrets. What if it controls the rest of your future? The regrets made you thought what if I haven’t done that? What if…? What if…? What if…? They were all just assumption. What if you didn’t do what you have done? Will your life be better or worse? Imagine, of there was two people, given a chance to reveal something, one did and the other ran away. But both of them regretted for what they have done; for being too brave and for being too coward. What if they haven’t done what they did, will their future still be the same? So, the point for today’s post is that, just live without regrets and be happy of the path you’ve chosen. It was the best. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Why you hating?

Well, I assumed all inspirits worldwide have known about the SM-Woollim thingy. Except for those who didn’t online or rarely online or doesn’t care or just pretending to be in this fandom or too busy spazzing about the first day of OGS. Well, I hope I’m one of those who spazzed about OGS but twitter won’t let me since all of inspirits were crazy over this SM-Woollim thingy. I perfectly understand about what’s going on and how these wont effect Infinite and even Woollim but somehow I felt something is wrong about this. They said it will just change the name from Woollim Entertainment to Woollim Label and the music distributer will be SM C&C instead of LOEN. It’s just that, there’s still the word SM on it that made me uncomfortable. It’s not that I hate SM, but I’m afraid. And I don’t know why. And i prefer LOEN, i like the LOEN logo behind Infinite's album. Why SM started this? But let’s just hope the best for Infinite oppas and the rest of OGS tour. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Truth is always Painful.

The truth doesn't win in court but what wins in the court is the truth.
  Is this reliable? The truth is always painful but honesty is the best policy. That’s what I’ve learned from this drama. There are two type of people, and which one is the good person? The one who told the truth or hide it? Come to think about it, the person who tell the truth might think it was the best but isn’t that person just saving himself, by not letting the guilt killing him; while the person who hides it thought about the other person, how would he react? Yeah, there are lots of truths and most of them are hurtful. I’m writing on truth about others that we hid. But still, no matter how hard we try to cover the truth, at the end, it will still be discovered. So yeah, honesty is the best policy even it hurts. So, no matter how bad things were, just keep saying the truth and you’ll not be trapped by your own words. One lie leads to another. And Park Soo Ha~! I’m crazy over you now! Kekeke okay stop. Btw, I’ve finished watching the whole episodes, after sitting in front of lappy for 11 hours, watching 8 episodes; 11 to 18. Yeah I’m a drama addict. So tomorrow, oh it’s today, Happy Eid.
Amalina, Solleh and my family, hidup baik baik. Selamat Hari Raya.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Hear Your Voice.

Hiyeong~ Hiyeong~ Woohyun~ Woohyun~ kekeke. okay today, it's about drama. drama seriously is addicting. i slept at four last night, watching I Hear Your Voice. it's hard to step and you just want to watch the next episode quickly. and then they came into your dream. yes, it's typical. so yeah, being able to hear what others though is awesome. but yet the world is noisier then others'. and Park Soo Ha is seriously handsome kekeke. i think i've fallen for Lee Jong Suk. after scholl 2013, now this. and one more thing about Korean drama, it made you want to be like them. like while watching Yes, Captain, i felt like, it would be awesome to become a pilot. School 2013; i want to be a teacher. I Hear Your Voice; i want to be a lawyer. Reply 1997; i want to bea doctor who is a hardcore kpop fan. To The Beautiful You; i want to disguise and enter boys' school. Big; i want to change body. but it was all just drama. ahhhh i want to finish watching this palli. 

ps: One Great Step in Malaysia; 19th October 2013. yeah i'm on a month holiday. wait for me hubby~ kekeke