Sunday, July 14, 2013

you are my DESNITY :)

annyeong~! so i'm here in Kedah kekeke. thou for only three days but it was awesome since i got to join #KpoppersFollowParty. yes partying hard all night xD and guess what? i gained almost 100 followers in just one day~! kpoppers are awesome nae? and got to interact with most of them, sharing the same interest and husbands. kekeke. met lots and lots of Inspirit and other fandoms too. most of them called me woohyun-biased. maybe because of my twitcon or my display name? (Miss Namu) . but i really don't have a bias in infinite. my bias list kept ruining T_T but maybe Woohyun is my bias? well im still trying to figure that out xD okay thats all for now. #KpoppersFollowParty jjang! need to study for quiz and exam now. ppyong :)

16.07.2013 in 2 more days! Destiny. 2nd Single. yesss awesome :)

#KpoppersFolowParty was trending first in Malaysia

see? see? 90 new followersssss. Saranghaeyo :)

from 118 to 210. Daebakk.