Thursday, May 2, 2013

That Weird Feeling.

seriously, i don't know why am i feeling this way and i'm not sure whether it's normal or not. well, a friend of mine, a boy, suddenly likes Infinite and started to update statuses about Infinite and now, changes HIS DP into my precious Myungsoo. well, he liked Infinite after me and suddenly claimed that he's an inspirit, within, well, a while after watching Ranking King and it bothered me, a lot, and i don't know why. i hate this feeling. maybe because he was my classmate? i've once read "i won't share my bias with my my friends at SCHOOL". so i thought, ahhh this feeling is normal. but still, I HATE IT. i hope that i could just let it slide. and thanks to INFINITE~! i watched THE HOYA'S POSE BEHIND SUNGGYU and laughed like crazy! then i watched Infinite's Weekly Idol *which just have been subbed today, and yeah, that made my day. Sunggyu's eyes, Dongwoo's touching butt habit, they were just awesome~