Thursday, May 9, 2013

We Were The Happiest

idk what to write actually but i want to write something badly~ but nothing interesting happened to me lately. well, i met my friends last Saturday~ we went bowling~! yeah it was fun since i haven't been out for quite a while. seriously, playing bowling through iPad is more fun that actual game, tbh, the bowling alley was a huge pain -.- it doesn't even allow us to spare and the ball kept going the other way. but it was still a great memory, hang around with each other and talk about useless things~ THANK YOU guys :) and i met Afiqah on the next day, wearing my B.A.P. shirt. ngehhh. it's been a while since i last met her, maybe last year. okay i have no idea what to write. so anneyeong! 

Please listen to Myungsoo's sweet voice. it kept making me fell in love .