Friday, May 10, 2013

Lets Go To SCHOOL :)

School 2013 - i haven't write even write briefly about this drama. frankly, this is one of the best drama i've watched. there were NO lovey dovey feeling at all in this drama, well, maybe a bit between the teachers but NO kiss scene at all. this is what made this drama special - it was fully about friendship. this drama taught lots of values - friendship, trustworthy, forgiving, letting the past go and keep moving on, helping each other when in need, studying hard and also love between family members. since this drama is mainly about teen, it did a great job on discovering teen issues - bullying, stress of studying, stress   of family matters and miscommunication in friendship. for teenagers, every little thing could be an issue and they were sensitive about everything. the best part of this drama is learning to forgive and trying to be a better person, plus, it also made me realise the purpose of school. for smart student, school is to achieve good marks on every examination, for some people, school is to meet friends, for average student, school is just because it is a must and it has been a routine to wake up and head straight to school. 

- SCHOOL 2013 END -