Sunday, May 12, 2013

Over The Top ^^

hai yeong~ hai yeong~ YEAH this is my INFINITE tower~! since i was bored and had nothing to do, i compete with my bro to build an Infinite tower and i won~~ woohoo. thou it's not that impressive, i'm still proud of it *wink wink. it's so pretty :3 awhhh my Yeollie~ Myungsoo was on the other side, too bad my mother didn't capture it >.< *this picture was taken by my mother since i don't have handphone or camera. poor me T_T 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Lets Go To SCHOOL :)

School 2013 - i haven't write even write briefly about this drama. frankly, this is one of the best drama i've watched. there were NO lovey dovey feeling at all in this drama, well, maybe a bit between the teachers but NO kiss scene at all. this is what made this drama special - it was fully about friendship. this drama taught lots of values - friendship, trustworthy, forgiving, letting the past go and keep moving on, helping each other when in need, studying hard and also love between family members. since this drama is mainly about teen, it did a great job on discovering teen issues - bullying, stress of studying, stress   of family matters and miscommunication in friendship. for teenagers, every little thing could be an issue and they were sensitive about everything. the best part of this drama is learning to forgive and trying to be a better person, plus, it also made me realise the purpose of school. for smart student, school is to achieve good marks on every examination, for some people, school is to meet friends, for average student, school is just because it is a must and it has been a routine to wake up and head straight to school. 

- SCHOOL 2013 END -

Thursday, May 9, 2013

We Were The Happiest

idk what to write actually but i want to write something badly~ but nothing interesting happened to me lately. well, i met my friends last Saturday~ we went bowling~! yeah it was fun since i haven't been out for quite a while. seriously, playing bowling through iPad is more fun that actual game, tbh, the bowling alley was a huge pain -.- it doesn't even allow us to spare and the ball kept going the other way. but it was still a great memory, hang around with each other and talk about useless things~ THANK YOU guys :) and i met Afiqah on the next day, wearing my B.A.P. shirt. ngehhh. it's been a while since i last met her, maybe last year. okay i have no idea what to write. so anneyeong! 

Please listen to Myungsoo's sweet voice. it kept making me fell in love .

Monday, May 6, 2013

All of the melodramas in the world seem like my story

drama drama drama~ seriously, i've fallen into dramas, hard. frankly, i don't really watch drama but once i did, i just can't stop watching it. well, the dramas that i have watched are:

To The Beautiful You [MISSED EPISODE 8]
Reply 1997 [FINISHED]
Cheongdamdong Alice [WATCHING]
Shut Up! Flower Boy Band [FINISHED]

so, most of the dramas, i watched on TV but only two of them; Reply 1997 and Shut Up! Flower Boy Band, i watched online. well, the reason i watched these two dramas might be because of Infinite, but seriously, they were crazily addictive. it took me a whole day and a half to finish all 16 episodes of Reply 1997 and three days to finish all 16 episodes of Shut Up! Flower Boy Band.

School 2013 and Shut Up! Flower Boy Band; friendship. who knew, friendship could be so pure and beautiful with sincerity. Reply 1997; craziness of Kpop Fans and more about life, how to grow up. and the rest, well, typical love stories but yet still mesmerising.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

That Weird Feeling.

seriously, i don't know why am i feeling this way and i'm not sure whether it's normal or not. well, a friend of mine, a boy, suddenly likes Infinite and started to update statuses about Infinite and now, changes HIS DP into my precious Myungsoo. well, he liked Infinite after me and suddenly claimed that he's an inspirit, within, well, a while after watching Ranking King and it bothered me, a lot, and i don't know why. i hate this feeling. maybe because he was my classmate? i've once read "i won't share my bias with my my friends at SCHOOL". so i thought, ahhh this feeling is normal. but still, I HATE IT. i hope that i could just let it slide. and thanks to INFINITE~! i watched THE HOYA'S POSE BEHIND SUNGGYU and laughed like crazy! then i watched Infinite's Weekly Idol *which just have been subbed today, and yeah, that made my day. Sunggyu's eyes, Dongwoo's touching butt habit, they were just awesome~