Saturday, April 20, 2013

Will You Marry Me?

HAHA okay the title was a bit err errr nvm. Infinite oppas, please marry me~HAHA. okay stop. it's just that, Infinite won today~! Yeah #MANINLOVE7THWIN. i just woke up and scrolled down my TL and saw Dongwoo's tweet and wondered why he tweeted out of sudden and saw a post that Infinite won on Music Core and i was like O.O Music Core doesn't have chart so i searched on Wikipedia and found out that the chart system have just started today and Infinite won~! and screamed like maniac and that's how my day went. so, i was thinking, i want to post about Infinite - their winnings with Man In Love.

#MANINLOVE1STWIN on Inkigayo 31.03.2013

Yeah it was spotted trending Worldwide after a few minutes~
*all the trends from first win to seventh win was trending first worldwide.

#MANINLOVE2NDWIN on Show Champion 03.04.2013

#MANINLOVE3RDWIN on M Countdown 04.04.2013
*aww cute Hoya~

#MANINLOVE4THWIN on Music Bank 05.04.2013
*Myungsoo is crying T_T

#MANINLOVE5THWIN on Inkigayo 07.04.2013
*My Myungsoo is crying again~

MyungYeol's heart ^^

as expected, trending first worldwide~

#MANINLOVE6THWIN on Music Bank 12.04.2013

aww Lee Sungyeol~~

#MANINLOVE7THWIN on Music Core 20.04.2013

and MyungYeol moments~

Ahhhhhh Marry Me Oppa~~~ *crazy