Saturday, April 20, 2013

Will You Marry Me?

HAHA okay the title was a bit err errr nvm. Infinite oppas, please marry me~HAHA. okay stop. it's just that, Infinite won today~! Yeah #MANINLOVE7THWIN. i just woke up and scrolled down my TL and saw Dongwoo's tweet and wondered why he tweeted out of sudden and saw a post that Infinite won on Music Core and i was like O.O Music Core doesn't have chart so i searched on Wikipedia and found out that the chart system have just started today and Infinite won~! and screamed like maniac and that's how my day went. so, i was thinking, i want to post about Infinite - their winnings with Man In Love.

#MANINLOVE1STWIN on Inkigayo 31.03.2013

Yeah it was spotted trending Worldwide after a few minutes~
*all the trends from first win to seventh win was trending first worldwide.

#MANINLOVE2NDWIN on Show Champion 03.04.2013

#MANINLOVE3RDWIN on M Countdown 04.04.2013
*aww cute Hoya~

#MANINLOVE4THWIN on Music Bank 05.04.2013
*Myungsoo is crying T_T

#MANINLOVE5THWIN on Inkigayo 07.04.2013
*My Myungsoo is crying again~

MyungYeol's heart ^^

as expected, trending first worldwide~

#MANINLOVE6THWIN on Music Bank 12.04.2013

aww Lee Sungyeol~~

#MANINLOVE7THWIN on Music Core 20.04.2013

and MyungYeol moments~

Ahhhhhh Marry Me Oppa~~~ *crazy


Since i rarely update my blog these days because i have nothing to share since nothing happened to me lately, i think i'm going to start writing based on the episodes of Reply 1997. yeah i'm going to re-watch it and update this little bloggy~ the drama has so much connection with me since it was about growing up and about craziness for kpop. the first episode: Eighteen. 

"An age where you feel like you could love anyone, where you put everything on the line for the smallest of things. Eighteen. Adults say that it’s an age where we laugh if a leaf tumbles by. But back then, we were more serious than any adult, more intense, and had our strength tested. That was how our eighteen was beginning."
so, my eighteen doesn't have much difference. i laughed and cried over the smallest thing but for me, it was big enough. i got mental breakdown just because Myungsoo starred in an MV with Dasom and being all romantic, i got over-excited during Infinite's comeback. i became mad over silly little things. i think that's just the part of growing up. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

sorry but i'm an INSPIRIT

hey hey:) i'm bored. so, lets spam this blog with INFINITE macros!

okay lets wrap it up with the family :) annyeong!

credit to the rightful owners.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Still I Miss You.

heyy. this is just a simple post for you. all i can say is that i'm sorry. guess this is the way to end it, right? i just thought that you should know me better but i got it wrong, i should've known you better. and i'm okay, i hope you are too. maybe we'll not be contacting each other for 3 weeks, 6 months, 8 years or maybe forever but i hope this is the best way to just leave it all behind, this is what you've always wanted, and i've learned so much from you that i'm okay now. THANK YOU.

 “When a guy emptying out what’s in his heart, it means he has no intention of seeing that person ever again.”

so, this is GOODBYE. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

When a Girl in LOVE


annyeong~! namjaga sarang halddae~~ ahhh seriously i cant get this song out of my head. and it's been a while since my last update. well, i've been busy infinite-ing myself, seriously, i've been into Infinite so badly that i've spent my holiday watching all infinite's variety shows, listening to their songs, watching their concerts and performances, and doing everything related to them. and another reason is that i just got a new laptop~ i dont have laptop before so it was hard to update this precious bloggy. so now, it's time to infinite-ing my blog! but it's so hard T_T afiqah. where are you? please help me~ okay bye for now! =_= 

ps: i've got my Man In Love album and it was AWESOME