Tuesday, December 4, 2012

One step, two steps

holla ^.^ 
woahh i'm seriously tired. went to MBO, watching Breaking Dawn with Balqish. well, no comment for the movie. it was quite interesting to watch and there were some suspense that kept our eyes glued but not much. after that, we kareoke like crazy. here's the list of some songs we sang:

Hello - Shinee
Shock - Beast
Insane - BtoB
Electric Shock - Fx
I'll Be Back - 2PM
Hush - A Pink
Ombak Rindu - Adira ft Hafiz
I Wonder if You Hurt like me - 2AM
Beautiful Night - Beast
Blue - Big Bang
21 Guns - Greenday
Like This - Wonder Girls
Cry Cry - T ara
I Choose to Love You - Hyolin
The Boys - SNSD
Trouble Maker - Hyunseung ft Hyuna
So Far Away - Avenged Sevenfold
Never Let You Go - 2AM
Day by Day - T ara
The Climb - Miley Cyrus

 I couldn't really remember all of it but these are some. awesome, right? hee~ then we walked all the way from U Mall to Taman U. Balqish had a piano class and i followed her. watching her playing it. then we went to a Pizza shop where Balqish worked. we had lots of fun today and talked much. Gomawo Balqish:)