Sunday, December 16, 2012

It’s only for you

heyhey:) for some reason, i felt like posting something about them~ they've given so much to me and this is the least i can do. i really do appreciate you guys.

First and foremost, Doku Dinokunkun (awesome name, right?). Akak, thank you for being such a great person. thank you for coming yesterday, i really miss you. Akak, thanks for that cute little thing. i'll definitely remember it. thanks for listening to my stories, for being there for me, for understanding me, for being simply amazing. Adik sayang akak!
The budak gedik, Ayiep. i never thought that we can actually get along again. thank you for trusting in me, for spending most of you time with me, for coming yesterday even it was quite hard for you, for calling me late  at night (i hope my mom wont read this xD) and making me laugh everytime i'm with you. seriously, i had lots of fun, and you really made my day.
Choi Mirho! ngehhh~ HAHA. thank you for letting me slept at your house, it was the most awesome moment ever. sorry for bothering you much, but i like it HAHA. and i never thought you were this crazy~ thank you for being my friend, for listening to the nonsense i've babbled about and for sharing the thoughts. i really had an awesome time with you~
Dear Dumu Dindankunkero, (i didn't mention your name okay) THANK YOU! seriously, you gave me the most valuable gift ever! i cried, i did and it was because i was scared at first but then it turns out to be something i've never expected. you said that you want to give me something that i will never forget and you did. i'll remember this forever. and i'll always keep that little thing you gave:)
And Bunny's Kiss~ yeahhh thank you for everything! you've been a great friend to me. thanks for listening to me and didnt say 'No' HAHA. oh, thank you for letting me drive your car even it was dangerously dangerous -.- luckily, we're still alive! thank you for being there for me, giving me advices, being crazily fangirling together and made me happy.

 Thank you guys for being the best person ever. i really love you guys :) Mianhae for all my mistakes and troubles i've caused. and i hope we'll meet again soon. oh and thank you for coming here yesterday and made it one of the best day ever~

extra: Michael Ariff Pritchard, thank you! you know, this was the first time i sang on stage and it was with you. you said it's not the song or the voice but the memories that matters. and this was the best memory that i'll remember as long as i can:)