Tuesday, December 18, 2012

60 seconds is all i need for this story

This is the facts about someone who i've known for a long time. You, yes you, this is all about you, so read it carefully~

1. you love pineapple.
2. you hate soybean.
3. but you like tempe.
4. you like to drink excel 8.
5. you hate lychee drink.
6. you like to eat onion.
7. you have a hard time swallowing cheese.
8. you prefer Kampung's food than Western's food.
9. you never ate at McD.
10. you ate seaweed for the first time in 2012.
11. you failed on your first car's licence test.
12. you like to chew the back of pencil.
13. you'll chew your nail when you're bored.
14. you were a MARA student.
15. you weight more than 50kg.
16. you love Science.
17. you love Biology.
18. you have Ornithophobia.
19. you love robots.
20. you hate when people called you H**.
21. you have four siblings and you are the youngest.
22. you like to listen to slow song (jiwang -.-)
23. you can write nice poem.
24. your storyline in a story you wrote was awesome!
25. you dont like English.
26. you have Bugis' blood.
27. your blood type is B.
28. you dont use blanket while sleeping.
29. you like Beto Kusyairy.
30. you can think of the most unexpected surprise.
31. your story always ended with the most unexpected ending.
32. you're a genius.
33. you cant sing but like to sing.
34. you hate people who use 'kite, awak, i, you'
35. your Alza has a very strong smell.
36. you call your mom 'ibu'.
37. you hate when people have a crush on you and mention your name and create publicity.
38. you cant swim.
39. you cant play soccer.
40. you love badminton and you master it.
41. your dream is to become a professional badminton player.
42. you can play takraw.
43. you were a rugby player.
44. you secretly want to be in medical field. 
45. you like unique things, just like yourself.
46. your ears are extra large.
47. you like grey colour.
48. you hate people interfering your life.
49. you are very secretive.
50. one of your quote was, 'kalau duit bukan dalam pale otak, hidup ni senang je'
51. you like to twist words until it is not understandable - but i can understand it.
52. you dont like Kpop.
53. but you know 2AM - Seulong - Even if i die, i cant let you go.
54. you've watch Personal Taste.
55. one of your favourite comic was Beast Master.
56. you spent your first salary buying badminton racket.
57. your secret code is 431105.
58. you are pampered.
59. you know how to pull a prank and love pranking.
60. Kau sayang aku! (ngehh~ okay this is quite over but it's the fact)