Sunday, December 2, 2012

As if I’m caught in a spider web

anneyeong:) i wanna write about songs that i've heard recently that actually blown me away. with the awesome MVs, i even cried while watching '60 seconds' MV by Infinite's Sunggyu. and i scremed when seeing L. so, here's the list of the greatest MVs and songs:

Caffeine - Yoseob
60 Seconds - Sunggyu
Lost - Nicole
Guilty - Seungyeon
Wanna Do - Jiyoung
Daydream - Gyuri
Mia - IU
The Story Only I Didn't Know - IU
All For You - Eunji ft. Seo In Gook
You Were Mine - 2AM
A Sad Love Song - Davichi
Do Men Cry? - Davichi
My Boy - Secret
Love Virus - Eunkwang ft. Yoo Sung Eun
I Only Know Love - BtoB
I Choose To Love You - Hyolin
Invitation - Ailee
April 19th - A Pink

woahh i've heard a lot O.o since i felt bored while studying, i listen to these songs. seriously DAEBAK:)