Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cause you’re like caffeine

finally, Alhamdulillah. i'm done with all papers! SPM drained lots of energy. jet-lagged for sure. i've drank lots of Neslo and coffee to keep me awake all the time while studying. good enough that i didn't fell asleep when answering those papers~  now, the hardest part, to clean up all the books, recycling them and clean my room! ahhh so not in the mood. the first thing i did just after Biology paper 3: eating maggi. yeah, i've been craving for it for months. and yesterday, had a sleepover at mir's house. awesome! we've played games and just enjoy each others company. it was just too hard to accept the fact that i'm no longer a school girl. will definitely miss the moments with them:) 

and now, i somehow feel weird not studying. sometimes, study is addicting. 

planning for outing and more outings with them before moving to Sepang >.<