Tuesday, September 11, 2012

without mercy.

hoi hoi:) SPM Trial is almost over! only Additional Mathematics left. but that's not why i'm posting.

i just got home and i bought a Malay magazine but Kpop cover; BEAST (definitely not Epop - best magazine ever). i wasn't thinking and just bought it. and now, i'm seriously frustrated and furious! it's not a big deal but why are malay people love the Bads? they stuffed in the story about T-ARA and the bully issue. i'm not a huge fan of T-ara but i could feel the heat. they wrote that the Queens wanted T-ara to disband. how rude is that? Queens never want that to happen and surely still love t-ara. how come they said Queens are now hating t-ara? i still enjoy watching t-ara thou. it's not their fault that Hwayoung left.
The main point: why Malay just wrote about bad things?! what the benefit that you gained? hatred? if you just want to sell the magazine, well, you did it. but now i felt like burning it. (but not Yoseob's part of course. just the other silly things)Day by Day, t-ara:)