Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'll write one word at a time, and keep on writing

to say thank you for one of the most awesome day:)
thank you for letting me be the first one on your car
thank you for sending us here and there
thank you for not complaining much
thank you for the badminton moment!
thank you for being patient even you were tired
thank you for still not complaining
thank you for sending me back home:)
thank you for being you HAHAHA
and sorry for all those mistakes
and troubles i've caused
you've known me too well to be mad at me >.<
but still, mianhae.

the reason i'm writing this is to remember
the whole day.

To the Beautiful You.

Friendship sometimes requires understanding, loyalty, jealousy and wasting time.

Friendship is like trapping played at twelve o’clock at noon. The ball wasn’t the only thing that was passed over to you. There was also friendship.

muhd sollehuddin.amalina aliah

Thursday, September 13, 2012

hey youu :)

Miracle is just another name for hard work.

When the fingers on this watch point to 10:10, Gil Da Ran will think of KKJ.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

without mercy.

hoi hoi:) SPM Trial is almost over! only Additional Mathematics left. but that's not why i'm posting.

i just got home and i bought a Malay magazine but Kpop cover; BEAST (definitely not Epop - best magazine ever). i wasn't thinking and just bought it. and now, i'm seriously frustrated and furious! it's not a big deal but why are malay people love the Bads? they stuffed in the story about T-ARA and the bully issue. i'm not a huge fan of T-ara but i could feel the heat. they wrote that the Queens wanted T-ara to disband. how rude is that? Queens never want that to happen and surely still love t-ara. how come they said Queens are now hating t-ara? i still enjoy watching t-ara thou. it's not their fault that Hwayoung left.
The main point: why Malay just wrote about bad things?! what the benefit that you gained? hatred? if you just want to sell the magazine, well, you did it. but now i felt like burning it. (but not Yoseob's part of course. just the other silly things)Day by Day, t-ara:)