Saturday, April 21, 2012

run devil devil run

holla:) today's topic: run + devil. does it even related? nope.
about run, errr, i've just ran for 'merentas desa' and i'm extremely tired. i really pushed myself and got 2points. Alhamdullillah. i hope i'll get slimmer^^

okay let's move on about 'devil'. idk if it was right for me to publish it here, but i'll do it anyway. for the past two weeks, terrible terrible things happened at my school. seriously, first, two couples got caught dating. then, computer's mouse got stolen. after that, a girl got caught doing 'stuff' with her bf. then a girl lied to her mom, telling that she was going to tuition but followed her bf instead and her bf and the gang did that 'stuff' to her. and there was a girl who lied to the teachers saying that she was an orphan but then her real dad came, crying. and the last(for now), three girls were reported missing, running from home.

crazy? yeahh. and now, i'm scared to go to school T_T