Sunday, April 8, 2012

it's a PERFECT nightmare.

yeahh. it's been so long since the last time i updated. so, hello:)
i just went for a trip to KL Lumpur last week and it was surprisingly awesome! as we went there with the *some text missing*, almost all of us thought it would be the worst trip ever but it wasn't! first stop was the UiTM, but there were no pictures taken. so, lets move on the MSU!

swimming pool? yeah, we started from the 16th floor, the swimming pool + gym + dance studio! i couldn't find any pictures of us dancing gee + the boys T_T but it was awesome!
loving those moments~

this is one of the replicas of human's body part. we even got to see the real one, the real dead bodies. one word: AWESOME!

mine + some stranger's (real) + balqish's

next stop: i-city shah alam! yeah the snow world was huge, cold and awesome!
random picture:)

me + balqish. yeah there were lots of pictures taken but then my post will be extremely long~

a picture with mamat from sepah. what a coincidence. why is the picture blur? yeah, i've heard.

beautiful scenery of i-city Shah Alam^^

it's us again:) after one dizzy ride and one cold moment.

early the next morning: karangkraf. yeah reading is addicting.

lunch: McDonald at The Curve. (yup, we went to IKEA again ==")
the last stop: Nilai 3. (no pictures taken since we were busy shopping ~.~)

so, that's how our journey ended. thank you. gomawo. terima kasih. arigato. xie xie.

full credit to Afiqah Sempoi for the awesome edited pictures:)